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TDKR Rumor Mill: Casting & Bald Hardy?

A number of things hit the net today in regards to The Dark Knight Rises. Let's sift through them from the beginning.


Collider.com posted up a bit of casting news this afternoon that they learned from a source that Naomi Watts and Eva Green have been cast for the two rumored roles in The Dark Knight Rises. Their claim went further to say that they learned both of the female characters in the film as well; Vicki Vale and Talia al Ghul. Their source also said that pre-production would begin on May 6th with post-production beginning on November 28. Another source told Collider that there will be a new Batmobile and the Batcave will be shown in TDKR.


Later in the day, Heat Vision came out with a report that there are a number of actresses that are about to screen test for Nolan and WB. These actresses include some names we have heard before and some new ones; Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, Jessica Biel, Kate Mara, Charlotte Riley, and Gemma Arterton. Heat Vision went further to say that the earlier claim by Collider was incorrect as both Green and Watts have current scheduling issues that could prevent them from working right now or when production begins.


Collider updated their post with Heat Vision's information along with a small note. "We have independently confirmed that Talia al Ghul is in the movie." So based on their earlier claims, it is left up to you to decide.


Tom Hardy Bald?


Besides all of this talk about female cast members, there was a little bit of news about Tom Hardy today, as well. It looks like the internet is jumping on the idea of Hardy playing the composite Strange/Nashton character we told you about over the weekend. Hardy was spotted with a shaved head and growing plenty of facial hair. So one can only be led to assume that he is playing a bald, bearded man, who must be Hugo Strange? Well, we will see.


Oh, and we will have more on Edward Nashton tomorrow.


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