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TDKR Rumor Mill: Cotillard's New Role?

Let me start off by saying if you are reading this, you may be spoiled by a possible element from the film. I am also going to give my two cents on some new images that were taken today and again may ruin something for some people. So be warned.


There was a specific scene filmed in Pittsburgh today that involved not only Tom Hardy, but also Marion Cotillard. So before I go into my thoughts, let's look at the evidence. We have a couple of images courtesy of Just Jared and Getty Images, as well as a video from jacusti.


The Dark Knight Rises Bane


The Dark Knight Rises Talia al Ghul The Dark Knight Rises Talia al Ghul


The Dark Knight Rises Batmobile



So first we see Tom Hardy as Bane accompanied by his henchman which I assumed in an earlier post that this was the League of Shadows. Marion Cotillard plays a Wayne Enterprises employee in the film called Miranda Tate. We have assumed that this is a cover for her real identity in the film, Talia al Ghul. These small group of images shows the direction that might being taken by Chris Nolan.


Miranda Tate is just an alias that is used in the actual film. She is part of the board at Wayne Enterprises. She in fact is Talia al Ghul who knows Bruce's secret and has come to avenge her father's death. She plants herself in Bruce's company and knows the secret about the Batmobile. In the film, Bane is in need of transportation or a quick getaway and Talia reveals herself along with three prototype Batmobiles from the R&D department at Wayne Enterprises.


While this is all speculation, it is hard to imagine that Bane would have access to the prototype Batmobile without an inside man, or in this case woman. Bane would have to figure out Bruce's identity himself and steal them. But this wouldn't explain how or why Miranda Tate is dressed in a wardrobe similar to the style of Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins, or seems to be working with the henchman that were also working with Bane.


Speculation aside, this is turning out to be interesting with all of these images that are being released. One thing I hope though is that there are no images of Anne Hathaway that make their way online and spoil her potential costume. That I want to see when WB and Nolan want me to see it.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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