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TDKR Rumor Mill: Cotillard's Summer Project?

Marion CotillardWith the news today that Pittsburgh will be home to Gotham City this summer during shooting, we do have a rumor that has hit the net.


Marion Cotillard was mentioned as "in talks" for The Dark Knight Rises according to her reps. We also pointed out that even though she is currently expecting a child she could recuperate in time for filming.


Well, it turns out that she is planning on doing a film in this summer. The Independent talked to her about a wide variety of things, but when asked about what the summer project is she replied, "I have a project for the summer. Different thing that I don't wanna talk about…"


So could the coyness of the response be because of Chris Nolan's need for secrecy regarding his films? One thing that may fuel the fire for this rumor is that in the news article from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states that Cotillard has been cast, but Batman-News.com has found out from the author of the article that she found this information on trade sites like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.


Well, time will tell. Filming begins in less than a month.


Posted by Dustin

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