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TDKR Rumor Mill: Extras Details

Although it has been awhile since our last segment of the rumor mill, that doesn't mean they have ceased. Actually they are probably going more so now that the official teaser trailer has released and people are trying to crack possible secrets from it.


First off, one of the things surrounding the net is who is the person in the background of the last scene of the trailer. I have read everything from Catwoman to Lau back from the dead. I am convinced that this is nothing special. It seems to me at least that it is a male henchman who has a gun and has his sights locked on the fight taking place. I could be wrong, but that is at least what I am seeing.


Next up, Michael Caine spoke with Digital Spy while promoting Cars 2. Nothing spoilerish from the interview as I am sure he doesn't want to upset Nolan, but he does say that he would be for returning for another Batman film to play Alfred after Chris Nolan completes the franchise.


According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, filming will take place in the city between August 10-21. Car chases and explosions will be taking place and at least a section of the town will have snow on the streets. How much time goes past in the film?


Lastly, a casting call has been made public in Los Angeles for parts of the film that will be filmed there. Victims and perpetrators are being cast in the form of males and females over the age of eighteen. Head over to this site for details.


That rounds out the rumors making their rounds online. With Comic Con happening, could we hear the start of any new rumors?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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