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TDKR Rumor Mill: Football and Hathaway?

Well this past weekend was quite interesting. I myself was out of town for a good chunk of the weekend, but images and rumors continue for The Dark Knight Rises to pour out of Pittsburgh.


Before we go into the breakdown of everything since Friday, I wanted to address something. We received a couple of emails and messages stating that some of the things we are posting for the film could possibly be spoiling things for those who want to be completely surprised when the film releases in theaters. We started out reporting the rumors because you the viewers of the site asked us to. I also go to lengths not to reveal too big of spoilers such as this article here. We make a point to title every article with the "TDKR Rumor Mill" and have warned everyone from the beginning that things could come out. So to accommodate both sides of the fence we will be posting a short intro paragraph and the jump will need to be clicked in order to see everything else in the article. This may change in the future, but for now it makes the most sense.


So click here for the rumors!


Alright, first things first. It seems that the timing of the Catwoman image was dead on because of a certain scene filmed on Friday that shows Catwoman on the Bat-pod driving away from the same location we saw Batman battling Bane. Image courtesy of IDontLIkeYouInThatWay.com


The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Stunt Double


Next up, is an image that is the first photo we have seen of Anne Hathaway on set in wardrobe. Although the Catwoman image was released, we have never seen her on set for filming. Photo courtesy of Mail Online.


The Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle


Finally, is the news that really made headlines in Pittsburgh. Heinz Field was used to film a scene for the film involving  a football game and Bane. While there are numerous reports on what happened, here is what we have gathered.


Members of the Pittsburgh Steelers made cameos for the football team set in Gotham, the Gotham Rogues. It seems their mascot is a cowboy. There also is a website that sprouted up over the weekend that may or may not be linked to the film. The logo on the site appears differently than the one used at the game, so we will have to wait and see.


Gotham Rogues


Extras arrived and were filmed numerous times and treated to a showing of the camo Tumblers. This will not appear in the film, but was done as sort of a thank you. The field was set with explosives as well as a mock field to show the ground caving in during the scene. While most of this will be made in post-production, the explosions were seen.



After the explosions, Bane came out and gave a speech about Gotham taking control and introducing what appeared to be the mad scientist that Alon Aboutboul was supposedly cast for. There was a unique device that could have an effect on Gotham's future based on the role of the character.



So that was basically it. The extras were able to see the Tumblers and Bane. The voice for Bane may or may not be the actual voice. It is also unknown if it was actually Tom Hardy under the mask or if it was a stand-in. Depending on where the footage was taken the voice sounds very different, so take what you hear lightly.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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