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TDKR Rumor Mill: GCPD in Chicago?

So a fan by the name of 'Nxn21' sent in this shot to SuperHeroHype of a GPD vehicle parked outside of a paint and decal shop in Rolling Meadows, Il. The vehicle shows a logo for The City of Gotham Police Department.


GCPD Vehicle


There are a couple of interesting points to be made about this image when trying to determine it's authenticity. In both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight police cars were used. Now that could change, but it is something to note. Also the paint scheme is exactly the same as in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight as shown here:


Batman Begins Police Car


So could this be legitimate? Well, being in Chicago, and working only about 10 minutes away from Rolling Hills, I went and checked it out. There are three auto detail/paint shops in Rolling Hills, Il. As of this afternoon, none of the three locations had any sort of vehicle that looked like this in their lots. Some may argue that it was moved or in the garage, but I stopped and looked around. I also asked one of the places that was open if they heard anything about work on movie vehicles, to which he replied, that never happens out here. So while there are a ton of possibilities as far as this being real, it could also be a old pic. One thing to consider though is that I don't remember seeing any SUV's in wither Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, so where does that leave us?


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