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TDKR Rumor Mill: Gordon-Levitt Is?

Let me start off today's rumor mill with a very important disclaimer. What gets posted in the rumor mill is a rumor and not news. That is why it is separate from the news section of the site. I want to clear that up because of some of the events that have happened over the last day and a half. If you are coming to this site for the latest rumors, here is where you will find them. If you are looking for the latest news related to the film, you need to go to the Movie News section of the site. That is where confirmed events by Warner Bros. or Team Nolan will be posted.




I say this because over the weekend we saw a number of things about Joseph Gordon-Levitt hit the net. First, Variety said he was cast for The Dark Knight Rises. Then they updated their post saying he was going to be playing Alberto Falcone. Well, the net blew up and everyone was posting it up as it was a fact. Well, maybe they should have read it here as still a rumor. Here is what the writer of the original article at Variety had to say to about the article.


1) Let me stress that NO ONE with the authority to do so has CONFIRMED this info. Not WB, not reps and certainly not Nolan or other producers. 2) Regardless, I trust my sources & stand by my story 100%. Do note that Comic Book Movie's original ALBERTO FALCONE rumor was removed. Hmmm…


The numbers I put in to show the two separate tweets from Jeff Sneider. It is interesting that he mentioned Comic Book Movie since plenty of other sites mentioned the rumor as well. Could CBM have some sort of inside info?


Anyway, sites like BOF offered their thoughts on the announcement as if it again was official. Well, Entertainment Weekly chimed in with the announcement and shared a lit bit of a counter.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, long-rumored to be joining his Inception brethren in The Dark Knight Rises, will appear in director Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. But a source close to the situation says that recent reports that Gordon-Levitt will play Alberto Falcone (a.k.a. the Holiday Killer) — the son of former mob kingpin, Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) — are incorrect. So, Batman fans: Begin the re-speculation now!


While they offer no counter for who Gordon-Levitt will play, we do know that Entertainment Weekly is owned by Time Warner which also owns Warner Bros. Pictures. This could again be someone blowing smoke into the fire, or it could be something hinted from inside the corporate structure that is Time Warner.


What is really interesting is that Batman-News.com saw something occur over at BOF when all this was happening. Here is what they saw.


Now this is where things get even crazier. Earlier today after Entertainment Weekly published their article, BOF edited their original post — replacing all references of Black Mask with “Xxxxx Xxxx”. Did BOF make the change to protect their relationship with Warner Bros. in an attempt to not give away Gordon-Levitt’s character? Perhaps. But now the BOF article has been edited again…this time back to it’s original form with “Black Mask” intact.


So what is the deal? Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Black Mask or Alberto Falcone? Well, we may have our answer soon since filming is only about a month away. In the meantime, continue to have your browsers locked to TheBatmanUniverse.net for the rumors and news.


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