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TDKR Rumor Mill: Gotham's Mayor and Explosions?

Nestor CarbonellA couple of small things for the day.


First up, it looks like Gotham City will have the same mayor as it had in The Dark Knight, as according to Variety Nestor Carbonell is in talks to reprise his role. Given how he wasn't such a huge fan of Batman to begin with in TDK, I imagine he will not be playing a nice guy in The Dark Knight Rises.


The other bit of rumors comes from Examiner.com. They are reporting that the real catch for Chris Nolan to film in Pittsburgh was a specific building that may be blown up. To summarize the massive research that Examiner did, the building used to be an arena that was the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins until a new building was erected across the street. The building was set to be demolished last year, but their was hope to turn it into a mall. The Pittsburgh Film Office has seemed to use this as a tool to convince Nolan to film The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh. We Nolan likes to use reality over CG, as seen in The Dark Knight with the explosion of the Gotham Hospital. This is all a rumor as Examiner points out that no one involved in the deal has commented on the matter. But if it turns out to be true this is the building we are looking at being blown up.


Civic Arena


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