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TDKR Rumor Mill: London Action Sequence?

With filming occurring in London as we speak there are a ton of new developments.


First off, let's knock out a false one. There is a picture floating around online of Anne Hathaway sporting brown hair with blonde highlights. This is a picture from March and not recent.


HollywoodChicago.com has a source that is reporting the following:


Security has told me if we want to see something we should come after 2 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday). They said we would most likely see something. I reckon the big action sequence will be tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

Chris Nolan came out on Monday at 2 p.m. to sign autographs. Also, Diego Klattenhoff was sighted today (Tuesday) wearing a blue Gotham Police Department uniform. This is 100% confirmed by crew on his way to lunch.


So it looks like Diego Klattenhoff was cast in the film as we previously reported in another post. If you are in London and make it down to the filming area tomorrow, let us know what is going on. Could we see some villains make an appearance?


Batman-News.com has received images of not only the GPD vehicles, but also a motorcycle. Could we see something similar to what we saw in The Dark Knight with Bruce Wayne on the motorcycle?


On a separate note, our own source has talked with a moving company called Car Movers who have claimed that they moved a vehicle yesterday for The Dark Knight Rises. The owner of the company described it as a villain vehicle, "a large, unusual people carrier." So could it be Bane's or a vehicle to transport the League of Shadows?


We can probably expect to see something soon. In fact, it looks like the official site might be going live as it is currently re-directing to the Warner Bros. website.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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