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TDKR Rumor Mill: New Cast and Strange?

So a ton of things to go over today.


The first thing is that according to Variety there are a couple of new cast members said to be in The Dark Knight Rises. Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman and Diego Klattenhoff are now in The Dark Knight Rises. While none of the roles have been revealed (as expected) there are some rumors as to what roles they are set to play. Sunjata is said to play a special forces operative, Gorman a supporting role, and Klattenhoff a rookie cop. Here is what they look like.


Daniel SunjataBurn GormanDiego Klattenhoff


In other rumors, it looks like the site X17, Katie Holmes will be returning to Nolan's Bat-verse to play Rachel Dawes' mother in The Dark Knight Rises. The rumor is that she will appear in flashbacks. We'll see…


The last bit is another hit at the Hugo Strange will be in the film bit. Over on the site My Entertainment World they have a production update as of yesterday for The Dark Knight Rises. Here is what it says:


DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE (aka MAGNUS REX & FOX HILLS GREEN) – Mid June, 2011 – India & London, UK & New York, NY & Pittsburgh, PA; Details Are only Available By Subscription.. STORY: As Batman deals with his new status as a wanted vigilante, Dr. Hugo Strange, a villainous psychiatrist, concocts a plan to destroy him and become the new Batman. (Posted: June 17, 2010. Revised: April 11, 2011)


So again, we will see what becomes of that.


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