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TDKR Rumor Mill: New Vehicle and Nolan's Secrets

Yesterday a boom operator for The Dark Knight Rises may have tweeted something they shouldn't have:


'The Dark Knight Rises': Inside Info, they are Building 2 Attack Helicopters in the same design as the Bat Mobile from The Dark Knight! BOOM


Whether this ends up being true remains to be seen for now. It is interesting to note two things though. With this rumor hitting the net, we can determine one of two things. Either this person has no ties to the film at all and is posting this as hearsay, due to the fact that if he was involved in the film, I imagine he would have had removed the post after going to work today, or been fired. The other option is that this is fake and someone is trying to get some attention.


The other bit of rumors is in the form of a video. Tom Hardy is on a press circuit for his new film Warrior and spoke to a French agency about the secrecy involved with Chris Nolan. No real info, but he does say that he doesn't know everything that is going on.



Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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