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TDKR Rumor Mill: New Wayne Manor?

Batman-News.com received some information from a local near London stating that they saw Chris Nolan and team scouting a place called Osterley Park. Here is what they had to say.


Yesterday (22nd March 2011) whilst jogging in Osterley Park, (West London) I bumped into a large group of Production Personnel on a recce. I recognized Wally Pfister and Chris Nolan along with Charles Roven amongst several production heads scouting Osterley House. Wally was using a viewfinder and taking pics whilst Roven was on the phone most of the time. When I asked what the production was a crew member informed me it was the new Batman film. All crew wore badges/id passes. Even though filming has not started there were a large number of vehicles present. They may be using Osterley House for interiors of Wayne Manor but this is purely speculation on my part.


The production people spent a good hour and half scouting the interior of Osterley House and also photographed the exterior. Wally Pfister was definitely present and overly dressed in his wet weather gear and gloves!!! even though it was not raining but overcast. Mr Nolan and Chatrles Roven were seen talking at length as was I imagine production designers, non of whom I recognized. Wally had a young camera assistant with him who was switching lenses on his viewfinder. There were several cars waiting to whisk them away. Every one seemed relaxed and in good spirits. No actors were present that I saw.


So could this be the new Wayne Manor? We found a picture of the place online. It looks like it could be. Leave your comments on what you thing.


Osterley Park


Posted by Dustin

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