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TDKR Rumor Mill: Pittsburgh Day 2

While we normally make a point to take the weekend off, this is not one to take off at all. There are a ton of images and videos coming out of Pittsburgh and we want to go through them all.


First up is an update to our post from yesterday. It does appear that there will be three different versions of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight Rises. All three versions of the vehicle were driving around the streets of Pittsburgh today. Pictures and videos courtesy of Matt Maranowski.


The Dark Knight Rises Tumblers


The Dark Knight Rises Tumblers


The Dark Knight Rises Tumblers




The next bit of news is regarding the rumored prison break scene. Well, at this point, it appears that it is happening. First, there was an image that posted yesterday on the Facebook community page that shows what prison the breakout scene may be taking place at.


The Dark Knight Rises Blackgate Prison Sign


There are a number of reports of exactly what took place with the prison breakout scene. There was a rehearsal that took place with a number of people including a stunt double for Christian Bale. The interesting thing is that if Bale is in prison with Bane, how did that happen? Or is Bane not even in the prison. eyeprime has the images for this.


The Dark Knight Rises Bale Double The Dark Knight Rises Bale Double


There was also a video for this, although it is unclear exactly what is going on since there are some actors in costumes and some not. The orange jump suits clearly are part of the prison, but then the men in rebel military gear could be the League of Shadows.




The next bit comes from the Post Gazette where they revealed some of the first pictures that we have seen of Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard. A scene took place with not only those two, but also Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I won't go into the details of the scene, but head over to Post Gazette for their description. Here are their images.


The Dark Knight Rises Gary Oldman The Dark Knight Rises Marion Cotillard


The last bit is probably the best of everything. During the breakout scene we see who could be the League of Shadows as well as the vehicle the arrived in. Photos courtesy of Wick Photography.


The Dark Knight Rises League of Shadows


The Dark Knight Rises League of Shadows Truck


This next image comes from Just Jared and reveals Bane in full costume.


The Dark Knight Rises Bane The Dark Knight Rises Bane


Notice how Bane is standing on top of one of the Batmobiles/Tumblers from earlier. Could these three actually play a part for Bane and not Batman? The last image to leave you with is one that I found the most interesting. Bane seems to be ripping up an picture of none other than Harvey Dent.


The Dark Knight Rises Bane Ripping Haarvey Dent Picture


And let the questions ensue!


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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