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TDKR Rumor Mill: Prologue and Wall Street?

The Dark Knight Rises


So a couple of rumors we mentioned before have had status changes, but we do have a new rumor to add to the mix as well.


First up, last week we brought you news that The Dark Knight Rises may be using the Occupy Wall Street protests as part of their back drop while in New York. Looks like this one was false. Entertainment Weekly has heard from a Warner Bros. rep that filming part of the protests is not planned.


While Christopher Nolan will begin filming portions of The Dark Knight Rises in New York City over the span of the next two weeks, a Warner Bros., rep tells EW that there are no plans to shoot in Zuccotti Park, the home base for the OWS movement. After an open casting call for NYC extras for the project hit the web, rumors swirled that the project could be filming very close to, if not directly in, Zuccotti Park.


The other rumor from the same article, was that a six minute prologue could be planned to be attached to IMAX versions of the new Mission Impossible film. There were a couple of updates to that rumor which still leaves it at a undetermined status. AMC posted on their site that it will be attached to Mission Impossible, but only at non-digital locations. Than later the post was removed and pointed in Warner Bros. direction for any clarification.


The problem with the prologue only showing in non-digital IMAX screens is that there are not very many left. Most have been converted over to digital format over the last couple of years and the ones that are not digital seem to be IMAX screens that are at non-entertainment facilities, meaning museums.


The new rumor hitting the net is that because of the massive casting call in New York, there is a lot of people hungry for the next scoop on set. The newest bit comes from Comic Book Movie who have noticed that one of the extras cast for the filming in New York. The extra will be playing a Gotham SWAT officer who supposedly will be "in the largest fight scene EVER in a NYC production". While this could be true, we will wait and see how it plays out.


Oh, and we have our own inside man for the filming in New York.


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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