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TDKR Rumor Mill: Robin?

Another big action sequence took place over the weekend, but before we get to that, their is a current rumor making it's way around the net about Joesph Gordon Levitt playing Robin in The Dark Knight Rises. While it sounds crazy (and it really does) MTV asked him about it and he did not deny it. So what do you think?



Going back to that action scene, it appears that the Batwing was fighting off against a HEMTT. After the videos there is an image that could be spoilerish if you have not been following the other rumors, so be warned.





Here's the image courtesy of Sterling Davis Photo:


Miranda Tate in HEMTT


While it may be difficult to see, little Wayne Enterprises' board member, Miranda Tate seems to be sitting in the front seat of the vehicle. Hmm?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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