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TDKR Rumor Mill: Script Leak & Locations

So it has been a little while since a number of rumors have hit the net, but a new year means new rumors of the mill. Today, we have two rumors that are currently circulating the net.


Joker in Chicago


The first rumor is about the shooting locations. I told you all that a little while back Chris Nolan was supposedly in Asia scouting locations. Now whether or not he was actually scouting locations has yet to be confirmed. What we do know since then is that an exec at Warner Bros. has stated that Nolan will film in three locations. Ravi Mehta, senior VP of production, stated via Scene Magazine, that Los Angeles and the UK were for sure in addition to one other location. The rumor at the time was that Detroit and New York were the other possibilities.


Hmm… no Chicago? Well, yesterday, Reel Chicago posted a bit on the net that says that Detroit is the final location. Here is what the article said:


Sorry to say that Detroit won out over Chicago as a location for writer/director Christopher Nolan’s latest “Batman” entry, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Instead of shooting here, as originally announced, the movie will film in Detroit. Starting in May, it also will shoot in New Orleans, and two locations in the UK.


No I am not one to buy into these rumors, but there has been a lot of locations mentioned and Chicago has not been in any of them. The only one we have heard was way back in October of 2009, which was that there was scouts looking at locations in Chicago then. The timing was everything for that one, which means that was probably untrue. Here's hoping that this batch is untrue too.


DeadshotBlack MaskTalia al Ghul


The other rumor making its rounds on the net is about another possible script leak. Scriptflags was supposedly forwarded a script entitled "The Dark Knight Rises." They say that if it is a fake, than it is the best fake they have seen. They didn't post the actual script, but they did post what they deemed as the highlights from the script.


-Deadshot makes an appearance early in the film being broken out of jail by a group known as "The Society."


-Batman has become more of a myth in Gotham.


-A new vehicle makes an appearance known as "The Wraith," which is based on a flying military prototype.


-Wayne Manor is rebuilt along with the Batcave.


-Deadshot finds out that the leader of "The Society" is Black Mask.


-There is a new character created called Edward Nashton, but is not the Riddler. It is actually more of a mix between both Hugo Strange and Riddler.


-Talia al Ghul makes a brief appearance.


So there you have it. There were some other mentions that you can check out yourself, but this was the bulk of them. Everything mentioned seems if it would fit with Nolan does, but for now, we will have to wait and see.


Posted by Dustin

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