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TDKR Rumor Mill: Set Pic?

Alright before you go any farther, be aware that this rumor may or may not be spoilerish. So be warned.



Today a image was posted by an anonymous source on Twitter. The image is said to be a pic from where filming is currently taking place in India. So before we discuss, take a look.


The Dark Knight Rises India Set Pic


So if we look at this pic, we can see the crew in the middle right section. In the middle there is a giant green spot that seems to be in a crater. Now there are a couple of different possibilities.


The first and most likely is that this crater appears green because of the use of green screen. A number of things could be entered into the well during post-production.


The next option is one that is showing up on sites that are unaware of green screening, and they claim it is green goo. This plays into the recent rumors of Ra's al Ghul reappearing in the film with the well actually appearing as a Lazarus Pit in the film, but this could also work with the first choice with a green screen.


The other option is less spoilerish, with it being green screen but could end up being a hot spring. Or maybe Nolan has some extra money laying around this time around and is trying to throw fans off right away, by doing this. Who knows.


Also, on location in India, Chris Nolan, Emma Thomas, Wally Pfister and Christian Bale are all said to be in India filming at this location.


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