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TDKR Rumor Mill: SWAT and More Cast?

Even though we had some pretty big news today, there are still some rumors on the radar.


First up, Variety is reporting yet more cast members for The Dark Knight Rises. Matthew Modine, Tom Conti and Joey King have been said to have smaller roles in the film. Modine is said to be playing a character called "Nixon". Pure speculation on my part says that maybe we see Joey King playing Babs in the film. We saw it in The Dark Knight with Gordon's children growing up and we can probably expect that again.


Next up, we have some images of the Gotham Police Department for LiveForFilms.com.


The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Police


The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Police


Also they have posted an image of a set of costumes that include a "sewer thug".


The Dark Knight Rises Sewer Thug Costume


Finally, there are a couple of new developments as far as the plot details for the film. While they could be false as many of these will probably end up being, consider yourself warned before reading on.


Over at IMDB, a user has posted a bit about Bane's origin.


I spoke briefly to a few P.A.'s as the set was being "locked down." This was the rumor: take it with a grain of salt. Bane is discovered after Ra's burns down a village with the league of shadows — every citizen completely wiped out — they watch as the mayhem ensues. However, before leaving, a young boy rises from a BURING PIT, the boy (young bane) is covered in flames. Apparently, he doesn't even flinch which makes Ra's intrigued. They take him in and teach him everything he knows So basically, Bane's only real advantage is that he has a genetic mutation that makes him impervious to pain. No super strength or chemical enhancers (tht i was made aware of)


And over at Sideshow Freaks, a user posted a bit about a possible location for Bruce Wayne in the film.


Now the juicy bits
– A friend of mine claims to have overheard some of the crew talking about a plot point in the film, which is potentially a HUGE spoiler. I'm not sure I even want to post it, and i'm kind of pissed to have heard it at all. I have absolutely no way of verifying it so I've decided I will post it with the spoiler tag, and it's up to you to view it, but take it with a huge grain of salt because.
a. I did not hear it first hand
b. Whoever said it may have been intentionally trying to mislead fans
c. Whoever said it may not have a clue about the plot himself
The crew member was allegedly talking about Wayne being in prison:panic::panic::panic:
– Secondly, there have been rumours going around around the set of there being another interrogation scene being filmed this time involving Hardy and Bale, in the context of the first spoiler, this throws up really really crazy possibilities


So again, we will have to wait and see. With the press release yesterday, and the image of Bane today, it is only a matter of time before the viral campaign really gets underway and we start to see more official items from Nolan and company.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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