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TDKR Rumor Mill: Teaser Trailer and Bane in Action?

A couple of rumors have sprouted up over the weekend, and while some seem possible, some may be proven correct as early as Friday morning.


First up, according to Screen Rant, Carnegie Mellon University is set to have a major action scene filmed shortly. It appears that the source of the rumor is actually the college itself by sending out a warning of possible explosions. Some have debated that this could be portraying a prison break.


Next up, as predicted in the past, it looks like we may actually be seeing a teaser trailer attached to Harry Potter after all. With the release of the last Potter film this Friday, we may be seeing the teaser online as early as Friday morning. AlbertaFilmRating.ca has listed a trailer for the film to clock in at one minute and twenty-six seconds. Over at ComicBookMovie.com, they have a possible layout for the teaser. Although it may be true, the decription seems to be very similar to the teaser for The Dark Knight. Either way, in a matter of days we will know one way or another.


The last thing is that it seems that Scotland is hosting the filming currently as a number of action scenes are being filmed. A user over at ComicBookMovie.com posted up a number of images showing what is taking place, including an interesting one of Tom Hardy.


Tom Hardy filming The Dark knight Rises


My thoughts are that we will be seeing a teaser by the end of this week. It's time to start the excitement for non-hardcore Bat-fans!


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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