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TDKR Rumor Mill: Teaser Trailers and Catwoman?

The first rumor we bring you is that Michael Caine and Christian Bale are filming scenes right now. Over at The Dark Knight Rises Group on Facebook, images have surfaced that shows Michael Caine in his Alfred attire and Bale on set.


Michael Caine on Set for The Dark Knight Rises


Christian Bale on Set for The Dark Knight Rises


In other rumors, JoBlo.com tweeted today that the viral marketing campaign could be picking up and going in the direction of the Catwoman.


Hearing the next phase of the "Dark Knight Rises" viral campaign will launch soon and reveal the first look at Catwoman.


The last rumor for the day is pretty interesting. A "teaser trailer" popped up online claiming it aired in front of Green Lantern in Italy.



ComicBookMovie.com points out that the video could be possible as teasers have shown in other countries to test them out. The video does seem to appear in recorded in a theater and if it is in fact fake, the creator of the video went to some great lengths to make it seem real. Over at Batman-News.com they point out that the video has an outdated MPAA warning. So what do you think? Can the storm be coming?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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