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TDKR Rumor Mill: Trailer Leak?

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser PosterOk, so the big news of the day was that the trailer has leaked online through a wide variety of sites and Warner Bros. is slowly closing them down one by one. While it is interesting to note that I thought it was coming this week, and I was right, we may be waiting until next week to see it online, legally at least. According to The Film Stage, WB has confirmed that the teaser will be online on Monday to mark the three year anniversary of The Dark Knight's release.


What that means is that until Monday you have two ways of seeing it. You can go see Harry Potter this weekend as it should be showing prior to the film. Or you can find a site that is showing the illegal copy.


I myself am going to see Potter this Friday and hope that the IMAX theater has the teaser in all it's IMAX glory. Be careful about this though as if you have no intention to see Harry Potter and pay the money to see it expecting the teaser only for it not to show, don't be disappointed. Not every theater will show the trailer for sure.


The illegal way will become easier as time passes and the file spreads. We won't be posting it up until Warner releases it online themselves as any illegal copy would look like crap and not do the justice that it deserves. So go find a site who has no shame to show a version that's illegal.


I can't wait to see the trailer, but I want to see it in high def. Bane is shown from a different angle as well, and we will see the mask more clearly.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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