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TDKR Rumor Mill: Viral Marketing?

According to MovieViral the company that was in charge of the viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight, 42 Entertainment, has not been approached by Warner Bros. for The Dark Knight Rises. After they posted an article regarding this, 42 Entertainment responded to the article by contacting MovieViral.


I was just contacted by someone who works with 42 Entertainment who tells me that all the major individuals (producers, writers, etc.) who worked on the Why So Serious campaign are in fact still with the company. Also, although 42E is not currently working on the TDKR campaign, Warner Bros. could still contact them later on. Given that the film isn’t set to release in theaters until July 20, 2012, the studio has some time to decide if they want work with 42E again.


While it seems that it may still be possible for 42 Entertainment to work on it, to me at least, it seems late in the game to try and put something together as successful as what they had with The Dark Knight.


The next rumor, I am leaving behind the jump as it could be pretty big.



A user over at Batman-News.com posted an interesting comment regarding the scenes being shot at the previous mentioned hospital.


I got some snaps of Wayne/Bale falling out of a window in a Croydon office block last night (2 June)
Apparently this is a hospital set.
A long wait for some ok shots.
Croydon was actually looking good too, who'd have thunk it?


Whether this has to do with the previous rumor of Alfred being a patient at the hospital, we will have to see. For now, this is classified as highly unlikely rumor until the pictures make their way online.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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