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TDKR Rumor Mill: Working Titles?

BatmanNews.com is reporting the discovery of two working titles for The Dark Knight Rises. It looks like Production Weekly posted that "Magnus Rex" would be the shooting title starting in May. They later updated their post with the addition of "Fox Hills Green" as another possibility.


We know that Nolan does use working titles as both of his previous Batman films used them. Batman Begins was known as "The Intimidation Game" and The Dark Knight was known as "Rory's First Kiss."


BatmanNews.com dug a little deeper and helped the previous rumor about filming beginning in New York this week with the following discovery:


Magnus Rex Announcement


So what do you think? Is The Dark Knight Rises currently filming in New York? If so, and you live in New York, be on the lookout, if it is all true of course.


Posted by Dustin

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