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TDKR Rumor Mill: Young Ra's?

This may be a spoiler to some if it ends up true, so be warned.


Josh PenceAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, an actor by the name of Josh Pence has been cast for The Dark Knight Rises. The spoiler element is the character that he is set to play; a young Ra's al Ghul.


Pence is mostly known for his body as it appeared in The Social Network. I say his body because Armie Hammer's head was super imposed onto Pence's body for the film. Interesting though how Hammer was set to play Batman in the Justice League film in 2008.


Also with the possibility of Pence playing a younger version of Liam Neeson's character from Batman Begins, the possibility for flashbacks is likely, which in turn plays into the Talia angle that we heard about before.


Again, although this comes from a trade source, it still is considered a rumor until Warner Bros. or Team Nolan acknowledge it.


Posted by Dustin

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