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TDKR: Rumor Mill

Tom HardySo we said that we would always make sure not to report rumors on the site labeled as news. So many of you are emailing me asking us what we think of the different rumors floating around out there. So we are going to start a new feature under the editorial banner for these rumors. You can expect to see the headline always be TDKR: Rumor Mill unless it is confirmed by a reliable source.


With that being said, let's kick of this new feature with the newest rumor floating around out there. Yesterday, we all know that the name of Batman 3 was announced and it will be The Dark Knight Rises. Well, today it was noticed that over at IMDB Tom Hardy is being listed as Harvey Bullock in TDKR. They do make a point that it is a rumor as of right now.


Hmm…. So is Tom Hardy Harvey Bullock? It is possible. Let's recall the events that occurred during The Dark Knight. MCU (Major Crimes Unit) was headed by Jim Gordon. Two of the main officers that were part of that team, Ramirez and Wurtz, were shown to be corrupt. Wurtz was murdered by Harvey Dent. Ramirez will certainly be under investigation. Jim Gordon was promoted to commissioner after Commissioner Loeb was killed. MCU headquarters were destroyed by the Joker.


So needless to say, MCU has seen better days. With the new mission to find and arrest Batman, MCU will need to rise again. Someone will need to run the major crime unit and build a new team. Harvey Bullock has never really taken a liking to Batman in the comics or in other media, so why not also in film? Wit MCU needing to be restructured and a new team built, who better than a detective who is always loyal to Gordon? Also, with the new unit needing to be created, this allows other characters to possibly make their debut as well, such as Renee Montoya, Crispus Allen, Jim Corrigan, Sarah Essen, and Maggie Sawyer.


Just a thought. So leave comments below on what you think is a possibility for Tom Hardy. Keep checking back here for the latest rumors.


Posted by Dustin

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