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TDKR Rykin Data Theory

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If you read last week's TDKR Viral Watch late in the week, I gave some of my thoughts on what some of the pieces of the puzzles revealed could mean. A fan of the site came up with a much better theory on how Rykin Data can play into all of this.


I do not have any actual knowledge; I'm merely speculating based on the viral marketing stuff.

Here goes my theory:

First, though, a SUMMARY:

1. Bane acquires Rykin Data's clean slate algorithm
2. Catwoman wants a clean slate
3. Bane gets Catwoman, and many other criminals
4. Bane has further plans – not just to wipe out the records of those who help him, but everyone's records, data and financial – everyone becomes equal, and the world becomes survival of the fittest.
5. Bane cuts the island off physically as well as informationally.
6. Bane seeks to prove himself the fittest on his new deserted island, and crush anyone in his way.

Here's the theory in DETAIL, and WHY IT WORKS:

Rykin Data Patent ApplicationThe information from http://rykindata.com/ shows a patent from the Rykin Data corporation. The patent is basically for an algorithm that can give individuals a "clean slate" by tracking and erasing their data through multiple systems.

I think this clean slate would appeal to Selina Kyle, as we've seen her "record" is pretty big in the movie. This tells me that Bane has probably gotten a hold of this algorithm, and uses it to make use of Catwoman by offering her this clean slate.

However, there are greater implications based on the scenes we've seen from the Gala. If Catwoman resents the actions of the super rich, then perhaps what really appeals to her is a future in which she could be equal with or even surpass the super rich. How is that possible? How can everyone suddenly become equal?

I think Bane tells her that he is going to use the algorithm to erase the criminal's and the super rich's records alone, but that he will secretly plot to erase EVERYONE's records, regardless of status. He will take down the stock market in the same way, which will go as far as collapse the economy. Everyone's bank accounts cease to exist, as well as their criminal information, or all information everywhere in cyberspace on those in Gotham City.

This would be true terrorism, basically like blacking out the information age with a simple command, and I think everything we've seen in the trailers has been supported by it. Even Harvey Dent Day becomes a catalyst for Bane's destruction, as he might then free the criminals and erase their records since one of their rights has been taken away (also a perfect catalyst for the criminals' involvement). The rich are equal with the criminals, and he makes a literal island out of Gotham City. It isn't just an island that has been cut off from the outside world physically, but informationally as well. The people on the island might as well have crash landed there now…they can create their own identity through their actions since they've now no proof of who they are, but of course that's just anarchy, which seems to be a perfect theme for the film following fear and chaos.

Joker tried to work within a system to show the problems of that system, but Bane is just going to destroy the system. He really DOES want to watch the world burn, so he's much worse than the simple trickster character.

I think eventually Catwoman will see terrible problems with this idea, when she realizes he's not a Robin Hood, but more like a Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. He basically tears down the system of government that exists, convincing everyone along the way that he is doing it in the service of good, but secretly just manipulating people so that he can show himself as the most supreme power in a Darwinian struggle for survival.

I may be completely wrong about this, but it seems like the perfect theory to tie everything together that we've seen, and makes Catwoman's assistance with Bane's plan finally have the appropriate motivations, as well as the most appropriate later fears.

Chris from Commerce, TX


I have to say that Chris' theory is not only well thought out, but makes sense. What do you think? Leave your comments below.


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • ghost013

    Hmm, this does seem like a very interesting and plausible theory. I think he might have Bane's motivation down, but not sure about his method. Also, I wonder where Miranda Tate plays into this, assuming if she is Talia al Ghul. Notice how there has been very little coverage of her in trailers and tv spots. Either she doesn't have a very important part or she's being kept secret for a surprise reveal