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TDKR Takes Over Entertainment Weekly

The Dark Knight Rises


Tomorrow the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly will be hitting newstands, but today the digital version of the issue was released and The Dark Knight Rises is not only featured on the cover, but also new information was revealed.


The first big reveal is that the Batcave will be making it's return in the final film. The Batcave will feature a waterfall as well as a new bat-suit display case.


Chris Nolan also revealed his inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises, stating that Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities and the silent cinema of Fritz Lang.


Christian Bale also revealed his last day as Batman on set.


There was also some talk about the issue with Bane's voice. Both Nolan brothers stated that when the film releases the voice of Bane will make more sense in context of the film.


A ton of new images were also shown off. These images were taken from the digital version of Entertainment Weekly and if history repeats itself, Warner Bros. may be releasing these stills in the coming weeks.


Entertainment Weekly The Dark Knight Rises Cover


The Dark Knight Rises Bane vs Batman


The Dark Knight Rises Bane


The Dark Knight Rises Batman


The Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne


The Dark Knight Rises James Gordon


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