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TDKR Viral Watch: Blake's Assessment

The Dark Knight Rises


DewGothamCity.com has updated yet again and provided some brand new viral pieces.


The first reveal was found in the GCPD section of the site and shows of a performance review for officer John Blake.


John Blake Performance Review


John Blake Performance Review


The interesting bits out of this piece is that Blake almost sounds as if he is a younger version of James Gordon. He questions authority and is not as well liked by his peers. The transfer to the "Narrows Division" may play into what is seen in the film with the conversations with the citizens or even the breakout staged by Bane.


The other piece is a series of emails from employees at the Gotham Observer. These emails were discovered in the Applied Sciences area and were labeled as hacked.


Gotham Observer Hacked Emails


So more mentions of Catwoman stealing and how the rich get what they want. Also a lot more information about John Daggett, who is not only on the board at Wayne Enterprises but also has had mercenaries working for him. Another note of interest is that the library could be renamed with Miranda Tate's name.


What do you think about these reveals? Anything that we missed?


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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