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TDKR Viral Watch: Gotham Observer & Rykin Data

A new update came to DewGothamCity.com today to the convenience store area. Inside a new viral item popped up in the form of a newspaper. Three pages revealed small bits of what is coming in the film.


Gotham Observer Page 1


Gotham Observer Page 2


Gotham Observer Page 3


Now let's dive into a couple of the points mentioned in the pages.


On page one, we see references to Harvey Dent Day, which plays into a couple of things we have seen in some of the trailers. A charity gala along with a Gotham Rogues scrimmage game we know is in the film. The second article refers to what we would assume is Catwoman beginning to leave her mark on the city.


On page two, the Gotham Rogues are referred to, but more importantly an eccentric billionaire who owns the team. Could Brett O'Brien play into the story when Bane and his recruits take on Gotham's upper class as seen in the trailer. The article about the library seems to be another call out to scenes shown in the trailer with the costume party.


On page three, we see a continuation of the article referring to Catwoman from page one, but also refers to Matthew Modine's character. John Blake could also be one of "GCPD's brightest young recruits." The construction article is one that needs some digging. The horoscopes all are interesting reads, but the last important thing is the advertisement for Rykin Data.


That advertisement states a web address that is online and reveals a new piece of the viral puzzle. Take a look.


Rykin Data Patent Application


What do you think some of the other points made in the article are? What could the patent form mean? Leave your comments below.


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Chris

    It seems to me that Bane will be eliminating any and all information about himself, if possible, as well as the inmates of Arkham.  He may go as far as to eliminate all of the information about any and everyone in Gotham City.  He may even eliminate any and all information about ANYone, bringing everyone back to square one criminally as well as financially.  The rich people have lived so large for so long, and now everyone's bank accounts will be completely erased from all data systems.  So everyone will be equal again, and that's why Catwoman is originally interested in the idea.  The problem arises, however, when Catwoman realizes that Bane is interested in more than just making everyone equal…he wants to be the King of these newly-equalized peoples through brute force and strategy.
    Just a thought, though. 🙂

    • That’s actually a really good thought. It also plays into Bane being in the stock market area and the trading floor as shown in the trailers. Makes sense. Good thought.

  • Chris

    Hey Dustin, I'm going to send an email to the batman universe email in just a minute.  I sent it to batmanonfilm on facebook, and it's a bit more detailed version of the idea I sent you. Although I think the idea I wrote here is a better boiled down version.