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TDRK Rumor Mill: Caine and Freeman Start Dates?

It has been a relatively slow week for rumors which means that Team Nolan has been doing what they do best and keeping the secrets behind The Dark Knight Rises at bay. Three quick things to run through although the lat one may be a potential large spoiler if it ends up begin true.


First up, Michael Caine appeared on a British radio show called The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. In a discussion about the role as Alfred, Caine mentioned that he will begin work on the next installment as early as next week.


Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Morgan Freeman was asked one questions about The Dark Knight Rises, which also relates to filming dates.


The Hollywood Reporter: Have you started filming The Dark Knight Rises?
Morgan Freeman: We start in about three weeks in the U.K. Then we'll be in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles.


The last bit as I mentioned will be behind the jump due to the spoiler possibility.



Over at ComicBookMovie.com, an article has posted up that mentions how big of an affect Bane may have on Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.


Bruce Wayne/Batman & Bane will certainly clash hard in The Dark Knight Rises and I can tell you this much, during their first fight against one-another will , Bane WILL break Batman's back!


The editor does point out that this is a rumor at this point and although it should be taken with caution, they have said that it comes from a reliable source.


For now, we will have to wait and see what is next per the official announcements from Warner Bros.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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