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'Tec Writer Lays Out Series Future

Earlier today, we posted a preview for the upcoming issue of Detective Comics. The preview was courtesy of Ain't It Cool News. Along with the preview there was also an interview with current Detective Comics writer, Tony Daniel. In the interview there was a lot of the same questions and answers that has been said numerous times in the past, but there was two answers that Daniel gave that sheds a little more light on the future of the series and his involvement.


Detective Comics #4AICN: I also like the puppet Jokers that you introduce at the end of Issue #3. Those are really cool. They seem to be different renditions of the Joker throughout the years.


Tony Daniel: Right, so you know, even though the Joker isn’t in the following issue, what I wanted to do was still keep some of that theme there where we will still get a thread. Joker was a big part of that first issue and the Joker mysteriously vanished after that, but we still kind of get a hint that there’s something bigger brewing and “Well, what is this? Why did they pick the Joker to mimic and test Batman’s strength or whatever in that arena?” And you know, it’s just available to you and it’s a fun thing to draw and then of course in writing it I wanted to draw some really crazy type of visuals for the book.


AICN: And one of the things that I have been asking about a lot of the 52 books is how long each of these creators are going to be on the book. It sounds like you have a lot of stuff to work on for DETECTIVE, so you’re going to be on there for quite a while?


Tony Daniel: Well my goal, my personal goal, is to stay on for three years total. That would make a run from 2011 to what, 2014 almost? So that would be insane, but that’s what my goal is. I know I can’t stay on forever, but it’s really a matter of when I run out of stories and run out of ideas. You know, if I tell everything that I want to tell then maybe it would be time to move on, but my personal goal right now is just to stay on until I drop or something. (laughs) I’ll stay on until people stop reading and start not liking it or I start to somehow not enjoy it, which you never know. If you’re doing something long enough, maybe that happens, but at this point I don’t see that and I do have plans that definitely take us into next year and right now I’m actually developing the long term plan–even though they are short isolated stories and incidences with DETECTIVE I want to still have a bigger picture in mind with the characters, so we will be moving towards a definitive direction, because by the time I am done with it you could read all of the stories and see where it leads you and then at the end you know you’ll get it.


For the entire interview, including talk about Daniel pulling double duty on the series, head over to Ain't It Cool News. Detective Comics #4 hits stores December 7.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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