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Teen Titans Go! to the Movies Details, Poster and Trailer Released

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies won’t release until July, but the media onslaught has officially begun. First up is a new poster for the film which features the animated cast in and around director’s chairs with the names of the five main characters: Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg. In classic Teen Titans Go! fashion, everyone (except Raven) is misbehaving in some way with Robin angrily trying to stop a Beast Boy in cat form from chasing Cyborg’s head, all while Starfire watching in glee. Raven, meanwhile, has her nose in a book, clearly she doesn’t have time for any of this.

Now for the real fun. The first teaser trailer for the film has also been released and it promises the same level of madcap humor the show is known for, starting with Robin trying to sell the viewers on the idea of their movie while he teammates all show up dressed as Wonder Woman. As Cyborg puts it, “Just giving the people what they want.” This segues into the team fighting Balloon Man which, of course, turns into an extended fart joke once the villain is punctured. Same Teen Titans GO! humor, now on the big screen.

With the plot of the film focusing on the heroes attempting to get their own superhero movie before being derailed by a villainous plot, USA Today has given us confirmation that the villain in question will be Slade, better known as Deathstroke, with Will Arnett voicing the role. Along with Arnett, Kristen Bell is confirmed to play movie director Jade Wilson, and if the name doesn’t sound alarm bells, her character’s white hair should give it away. Jade and Slade clearly have a connection.


The movie’s self aware humor and hopeful skewering of the genre is what’s going to make or break the film, and so far the filmmakers have their tongue firmly planted in their cheeks. Because, as the trailer points out, if Aquaman can have a movie, anyone can.


Teen Titans Go! to the Movies will be in theaters July 27. And they’ve promised musical numbers. So reserve the date on your calendar now.

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