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The Dark Knight 2?

Chris NolanThe Dark Knight Rises. What does this title mean? Well firstly, going on the assumption that this is Chris Nolan's final Batman film, I think this title suggests redemption for the character. As we have seen previously, Batman is currently Gotham's number one criminal after 'killing' Harvey Dent. The cops are after him and he is a hated character amongst Gotham's citizens. This title suggests an element of hope to the film and we are going to see Batman restore his reputation as he 'rises' to a certain challenge to protect Gotham from its demise. It gives a sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it fits in well as Nolan's final film. What that challenge will be for Batman is yet to be deciphered but this title seems to really emphasize that there will be a strong continuing story from The Dark Knight to Batman 3, meaning you really must have seen it to keep up.


The title once again does not contain the word Batman. I wasn't expecting it to but I am a little surprised they kept the phrase 'the dark knight.' I feel this might simply be to ensure the general audience are certain that this is the sequel to the 2008 film. For example 'The Caped Crusader' may confuse certain people with questions such as is this a continuation from The Dark Knight? Is it a reboot? What is going on here? So it may have been a safe bet to keep that phrase but it also adds a touch of class to these movies when the superheroes name is not mentioned. The Dark Knight sounds much more intelligent and engaging than 'Iron Man 2' or 'Batman & Robin'


I don't feel there is much more to read into the title but personally I am not sure about it. What I liked about the previous two titles was that they were unique and it felt like there was an individual identity to each one. This title really almost feels like this is The Dark Knight 2. I hope Nolan does add a new element to this film and doesn't try to recreate The Dark Knight, that is how many three-quels have failed in the past. I expect Nolan to overcome this, I trust him as a film-maker but these final acts of trilogies often prove to be tricky. I do expect the title to grow on me though and by summer 2012, to make perfect sense. At least we can stop saying Batman 3 now.


Posted by Nick

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