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The Dark Knight Returns to Become Animated?

Bleeding Cool is reporting that they have heard from multiple sources that Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is set to become an animated film in the DC Universe.


We have heard these rumors before, but nothing has ever materialized in the form of an actual film. Although with Miller's Batman: Year One set to release later this year, it may be the time.


Bleeding Cool says that The Dark Knight Returns is already in the early stages of production, with a number of creators who have worked on various animated versions of Batman in the past.


If this happens, we won't be seeing this until 2012 at the earliest. It was already announced that an adaption of Justice League: Tower of Babel will be the first film released in 2012. But as things have gone for the last couple of years, there are still two more films expected to release in 2012. With The Dark Knight Rises also coming out in 2012, could we see another major Batman story on film?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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