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The Dark Knight Rises Box Office Update

The Dark Knight Rises ScreenshotThe Dark Knight Rises has passed two milestones when it comes to the box office this past weekend.


The first milestone is The Dark Knight Rises has surpassed one billion dollars worldwide. This makes The Dark Knight Rises the thirteenth film in history to surpass a billion dollars. It's current domestic haul sits at $431.4 million. The film has a much more successful run internationally than The Dark Knight and in turn has cumulative $1.011 billion which surpasses the total amount for the 2008 release.


The other milestone is that Warner Bros. and IMAX has announced the The Dark Knight Rises has passed the one hundred million dollar mark at IMAX screens. The Dark Knight Rises is the second film to pass this milestone as Avatar was the first film to pass one hundred million in IMAX.


The film is still showing at numerous theaters and recently just released in China. The film is still in the top ten here in the states as well. Go out and see the film before it ends its run in theaters.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • david cook

    i wonder what the box office would be if they went 3-D?  it would be an interesting comparison to see the avengers and dark knight rises box office minus 3-d, imax and re-releases.  either way this has been a supper successful movie and one of the most successful franchises ever.