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The Dark Knight Rises Interview Round-Up

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A number of interviews have taken place over the last couple of days regarding elements for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Everything from the score of the film to Anne Hathaway has seemed to be discussed. So here is a round-up of the interviews around the net.


First up, Collider has posted an interview with Hans Zimmer who is creating the score for The Dark Knight Rises. Here is the question and answer of interest.


Question: How far along are you in the writing process for The Dark Knight Rises, and how does it compare to the other Batman films?


Hans Zimmer: Well, before I started on Sherlock, I had an idea for Dark Knight. I said to Chris [Nolan], “Would it be okay if I got the most outrageous orchestra together and tried this experimental thing?” It involved chanting and all sorts of stuff. And, if I decided that it was just complete rubbish, then we could just throw it away and nobody would ever mention that Hans went and spent all that money. So, I went off and spent weeks writing it. I recorded the piece, and Chris came by and said, “Well, you’ve done half the movie now.” I said, “Well, I don’t think that’s quite true.” But, I think I figured out my cornerstone to the thing.


I’m hellishly ambitious on that. The chant became a very complicated thing because I wanted hundreds of thousands of voices, and it’s not so easy to get hundreds of thousands of voices. So, we Twittered and we posted on the internet, for people who wanted to be part of it. It seemed like an interesting thing. We’ve created this world, over these last two movies, and somehow I think the audience and the fans have been part of this world. We do keep them in mind. And I thought it would be something nice, if our audiences could actually be part of the making of the movie and be participants in this. So, we’ve got this website up, www.ujam.com, where you can go on and be part of it. It was fantastic. The first Tweet that went out just melted our server because we had tens of thousands of people a second, trying to get onto the site.


You always want to create a sound that nobody has ever heard, but I think, this time, we might be doing that. As a musician, I think about what environment things are recorded in. Now, you have hundreds of thousands of voices, all recorded in their own individual environment. Up until now, that’s been impossible to do. There’s a lot of people doing a lot of editing, as well.


Next up, an interview with Gary Oldman has popped up over at CBS News. Nothing new, but Oldman continues to cement how epic The Dark Knight Rises will be.



Finally, MTV sat down with Michelle Pfeiffer and asked her opinion on Anne Hathaway since she has donned that catsuit herself.




The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.


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