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The Facets of the Bat-Suit Uncovered

One of the most spectacular and recognizable of superhero outfits, the Bat-Suit is a symbol of great power used by Batman to conceal his identity and to frighten the bad guys in equal measure.


There are many versions of the Bat-Suit depicted by different artists and directors and if you are thinking of dressing up as the ‘Caped Crusader’ himself for a fancy dress night, or you want to surprise your child with their very own outfit to play in at home, you’ll want to know the exact make up of an authentic Batman outfit.


Color Scheme


The traditional color scheme for a Bat-Suit was initially black and blue during his debut appearance way back in 1939. However, over time the bat symbol on the chest of the Bat-Suit was amended from a simple black bat to a contemporary bat design around a yellow ellipse. Subsequently the yellow ellipse became the focal point of the ‘new look’ Batman and this, along with his unmistakable yellow belt, has influenced the colors right through to the latest film release, The Dark Knight Rises.


The Bodysuit


Batman Cowl


The core of a Batman costume is the tight-fitting bodysuit, in much the same fashion as many other superheroes. Many of our own outfits for Batman fans come fitted with a foam muscle chest guaranteeing a rippling six pack to die for! Batman is also known for wearing an armored bodysuit which is much bulkier and is fitted with heavy plate armor in the films and in the comic books.


The Cape



Batman Costume


The initial design of Batman’s cape was a wing-like structure, supposedly influenced by the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. However, over the years this has evolved into a much more dramatic cape that has provided protection and speed for Batman to protect Gotham City from criminals when the sun goes down!


The Gloves


Batman Gloves


Batman is often depicted as wearing dark-colored leather gloves. However, there are instances where he does not use gloves at all. In later films Batman’s gloves become increasingly sophisticated to help him thwart his evil enemies. In The Dark Knight, Batman is even given enhanced gloves that he could use to fire at The Joker and trap him. At All Fancy Dress we provide black gloves as an essential Bat-Suit accessory that can also double up for use when dressing up at Halloween. You can view our website and see the extensive range of Batman outfits and accessories available.


The Boots


Batman’s tactical boots remain an integral part of the Bat-Suit. In previous movies Batman was known to have hidden some of his weaponry inside his boots as an alternative plan of attack in combat. His lightweight rubber boots gave him the flexibility for full extension when in battle and any authentic Bat-Suit should include boot tops or covers to complete the look.


Utility Belt


Batman Utility Belt


Arguably the most characteristic props for a Bat-Suit, the utility belt is one of the most fascinating aspects of Batman’s outfit. His uncanny ability to always carry the most appropriate tools in his belt even enchants and intrigues his enemies. Whether it is devices for the Batmobile, forensic kits or electronic surveillance equipment, Batman is always well prepared with his yellow utility belt. All of our Bat-Suit outfits come fitted with an archetypal yellow utility belt that’s perfect for helping you to protect the streets at home or on a night out with friends dressed as the ‘Caped Crusader’ himself!


Batman is a super-strong crime fighter saving Gotham City from the clutches of evil and with your very own authentic Bat-Suit you can feel that power exuding from you too. When your cape is billowing in the wind you will feel like a million dollars of superhero muscle. What are you waiting for, get inside that Batmobile pronto!


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