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LEGO Batman Will Appear in LEGO Movie Sequel

Despite The LEGO Batman Movie just releasing last Friday, LEGO and movie fans alike are already looking forward to the next time we may see LEGO Batman appear. While WB is releasing The LEGO Ninjago Movie this September, we know that The LEGO Movie 2 is also expected in 2019. The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay talked with EW about a number of spoiler type things in THE LEGO Batman Movie including on whether or not LEGO Batman will have a role in the sequel to the film that made him so popular, he got his own movie.


There’s definitely a part for Batman in LEGO 2. Everyone loves Will Arnett and the Batman character. There are going to be the repercussions of what’s happened in [LEGO Batman]. If you agree that he went through some change, there’s more stuff in store for Batman in LEGO 2.


So we can start guessing now what ramifications from The LEGO Batman Movie will affect the LEGO Movie sequel. It may have something to do with Batman’s new Bat-Family. Either way expect LEGO Batman to reappear in a LEGO film as soon as 2019.

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