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Thoughts: DCUO on Being Down

DC Universe Online


For about two or three weeks the PlayStation network has been down after the largest hacking attempt in the world. So far both PC and PlayStation servers have been attacked and user details have been stolen including possible credit card information.


Now, I’m not here to argue about Sony security, that’s way out my area of expertise. What I am here to moan at, is something different.


Why am I opening myself to a large hole of hate and anger? Well, for the simple reason that on the DCUO pages I’m bored of reading “Oh, I can’t believe this is still down. It’s been two weeks. I’ve paid twenty million dollars to play this. I’m getting a Xbox.” Know what I think?  Fine, get an Xbox and give the game to someone who is not such a whinny snot-nosed brat.


I completely understand that you would be angry you can’t use something that cost a lot of money (although financially its the same as buying a DVD every month). However this has gotten silly, in that its simply turned into a bunch of toddlers moaning about nothing. People are on the Facebook page and forums demanding free lifetime subscriptions or every single accessory free for a million years. Its never going to happen, EVER.


If you genuinely thought Sony would ever, ever agree to that, your mad. But I think what they have offered is well beyond generous, which at the moment amounts to 6 weeks free play and a specially designed helmet for it. Sony looks like they will be facing a lot of lawsuits at the moment and the first class action has been filled suing Sony. I have no idea what for. Emotional damage for not sitting in front of a box for two weeks, perhaps. In fact Sony really didn’t have to do anything they could have said, “Here is two weeks money. Off you go.” In most countries, that’s all you would get. This is because in every country consumer protection for software is poor. For example, in Britain you are not entitled to a refund of any sort if you buy a game and it doesn’t work on your computer.


However Sony are going the extra mile and giving out plenty. But despite these people aren’t happy and to quote them: ‘F*** SOE. I’m not a ‘milking cow” aside from this making no sense in English. My question is what did you expect? You get six weeks free and accessories. Would you rather it comes up now gets hacked again and goes down?


I think we know the answer.


I say that they should be grateful that the hack wasn’t worse. But just be happy that we have a fantastic game and that once it’s fixed your getting something as a gesture of good will rather than nothing at all.


Oh, and those saying you will go to Marvel because its free on Xbox, it’s not. You still have to pay a membership fee to Xbox. Still, maybe its Marvel who hacked Sony.

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