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Three Things…about The Kingdom

The Source has started a new series celebrating the third issues of the New 52 with revealing three things about various topics releated to the New 52 titles. Today they began this series with three things you don't know about The Kingdom.


Batwing #31. MURDER – Somebody–or someTHING–is hunting down the retired members of The Kingdom. And it’s up to Batwing to get to the bottom of the conspiracy. But why would anybody want the top heroes in all of Africa dead? Perhaps more importantly–why are the top heroes hiding in the first place?


2. HIDDEN AGENDA – In issue #2, Thunder Fall, an electrically powered hero, was discovered in his civilian guise as a teacher and attacked by the new villain known as Massacre right in front of his students! In the debut issue, a hero once called Earth Strike was murdered in cold blood. There are only five members left of The Kingdom. Who else will fall beneath Massacre’s machete blade? Read issue #3 to find out!


3. CURSED HEADQUARTERS – The Citadel, a technological mega-marvel of a building, served as the headquarters of The Kingdom during their career as a superteam. In the time since, it has been sitting unused in the African Veldt. But in issue #5, a grand re-opening of the structure as a museum draws unwanted attention from enemies of The Kingdom. Good thing Batwing has back-up from Batman!


Batwing #3 hit stores today.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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