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Tomasi Talks Forever Evil: Arkham War

Peter Tomasi, who will be writing the recently announced Forever Evil tie-in Arkham War, recently talked to MTV Geek about the new title, where talks about the characters who will be appearing in the book, and how it fits into the main Forever Evil event.


MTV Geek: How closely is this series tied to the main event, and the other two tie-in series? Do the events within happen concurrently with the main Forever Evil series?


Peter J. Tomasi: I'm writing the TWO FACE, BANE, and SCARECROW one-shots that come out in September along with the 6 part ARKHAM WAR that comes out in October. All of these books are closely tied into FOREVER EVIL in different ways, each serving a distinct purpose in the greater story arc and all of them a direct response/result due to the epic craziness that Geoff unleashes in the pages of FOREVER EVIL #1. The way I'm seeing my books and the other minis and ones shots are like branches of a tree, all of them feeding the main trunk and vice versa, giving the reader a wider, yet specific perspective of the reverberations across certain areas of the DCU.


MTV Geek: Tell us a bit about the cast of this series – which Arkham inmates are you particularly focusing on? Who are the central characters? And were there any villains you wished to use that weren't available?


Peter J. Tomasi: The main characters of ARKHAM WAR are Bane and Scarecrow, each one leading their respective army against the other for control of Gotham in their own inimitable ways. The Bane and Scarecrow one-shots set up their master plans and lead directly into ARKHAM WAR. And I'm pulling outta the toy chest an amazing amount of villains and using exactly who serves the story I wanna tell with even a surprise or two!


You can check out the full interview over at MTV Geek. Forever Evil: Arkham War releases on October 9th, 2013.


Posted by Dane Haji

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