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Tony Daniel Offers Commentary on 'Tec #1

Detective Comics #1 hit stores a little over two weeks ago and many were left with a number of questions. Is Alfred a hologram? Has Joker ever been incarcerated? Has Batman only been around for six years? Comic Book Resources caught up with Tony Daniel to ask some of these questions.


Detective Comics #1CBR: When we last talked about how you drew Bruce during your "Batman" run, you compared him to Dick Grayson, saying he was a Bull to Dick's more graceful Deer. In this first issue, while you've streamlined his costume a bit, Bruce still retains that hulking quality. To your mind, are you still drawing the "Batman" Bull?


Tony Daniel: Well, I don't think so really. He's bigger and badder than the Dick Grayson version of Batman. But he's not as bulky as I drew him when I reunited with Grant Morrisson for "Batman" #701 and #702. Bruce is younger here. So right now my approach is strong and brutal, while being graceful and agile. I'm thinking a little more like Neal Adams' Batman with a little Frank Miller grit thrown in.


CBR: As someone used to white-haired, old-timer Commissioner Gordon it threw me for a loop to see the red-haired Commissioner in this first issue! How did you go about de-aging Gordon, visually and story-wise?


Tony Daniel: For me it was easy — the colorist just had to pick the right color shade! But we'll see how the younger Gordon plays in the issues ahead.


CBR: Is that splash a sign of things to come for your story — are you setting out to make this Batman and the relaunched "Detective Comics" bloodier and more grotesque than before?


Tony Daniel: Each story will be different, and they won't all be this graphic. The style of "Detective Comics" will continue to be bold and in your face; these are the stories that suit me best and I'm looking forward to telling many more in "Detective Comics."


Some questions answered, other left for the future. For the entire interview, including more questions, head over to Comic Book Resources. Detective Comics #1 is in stores now.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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