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Tony Daniel on the "Condensed" Timeline

Detective Comics #2Tony Daniel spoke with Yahoo's Associated Content and although a lot of the questions were the same as the past there was one bit of a new answer regarding the supposed six years Batman has been in the cowl that he mentioned on his own blog a couple of weeks ago.


Yahoo: How would you ease the worried minds of readers that fear the relaunch of the Detective Comics and Batman titles are going to effect their enjoyment of the character?


Tony Daniel: I think people thought we were washing away all of the characters' history. In Batman's case we haven't. Big events such as "RIP" and "Killing Joke" did indeed happen here. It's just in a more condensed period of time. I think it's [friendlier] to new readers who have no idea who some of the older characters are in the Batman library and we're able to shine a new light on some of [them].


Although there has been no direct comment from any other Bat-creators or DC's editorial staff regarding this, time may be the only element to determine how much time actually passed in Bruce's career.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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