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Tony Daniel Talks with MTV Geek about Detective Comics

Tony Daniel's first issue of Detective Comics hits stores today and he holds the reigns of a series that certainly has some legacy. MTV Geek caught up with Daniel and talked to him about what we can expect from the beginning of his run on Detective.


Detective Comics #1MTV Geek: Correct me if I’m wrong, but you said you’re doing done in one stories at this point? Or is it shorter arcs.


Tony Daniel: They’re shorter arcs… Like three issues. My first arc is four issues, but the first issue is really a jumping on point for a bigger story that sort of begins in issue two. Most of my stories are going to be three issues or so… I’m going to try and stay away from big, four or five issue arcs. Just because I think that it can be kind of taxing for a reader to commit almost half a year to one storyline. I think with today’s marketplace, you have to tell your best story in as little time as possible – because these are comic books, and economy is time. You have to sell your story and get people in and out with it, and start the next adventure.


MTV Geek: What’s happening in the first Detective arc, then?


Tony Daniel: We see something very, very strange happen to the Joker in issue one, and that leads Batman to discover that there’s someone around the corner that he was previously unaware of. There’s a new villain in town that goes by the name The Dollmaker, and he really has a whole crew of cohorts and people that work with him. They’re insane – they’re right up there with The Joker. His main story is discovering what they’re all about, and how he’s going to handle a new serial killer in town that he knows nothing about.


MTV Geek: Looking forward, how much do you have planned out?


Tony Daniel: I’m planning for about a year’s worth of books. We have plenty of stories to tell, and so far it’s about figuring out how to break up how long each story arc is going to be. Hopefully, when we hit the twelve-month mark, hopefully we’ll have something big, maybe a larger story for that, maybe a tie-in with another Bat-book to mark the one-year anniversary.


But I’m planning on being on at least a year, and actually most likely two years at this point… Even though I haven’t planned for the second year, I am planning for a special issue that’s coming out some time in 2013.


For the entire interview, including Daniel's take on the Joker, head over to MTV Geek. Detective Comics #1 written and drawn by Tony Daniel is in stores today.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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