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Tynion on Origin of Talon

Talon was only announced last Friday and with the game-changing reveal today in stores with Batman #10, the Court of Owls is taking center stage in the comic world. In the middle of that is the future series, Talon written James Tynion IV spoke with Comic Book Resources about the upcoming series and how the series came to be.


Talon #0CBR: James, I'm sure you're jazzed about this new "Talon" series, but I'd like to discuss how it came together. Were you and Scott spit-balling ideas and/or did this series grow organically from what you were doing in the "Court of Owls" backup features in "Batman?"


James Tynion IV: Well, right around the time I started working on the backup features in "Batman," DC asked Scott if he thought it was possible to spin a title out of the incredible work he had been doing in the "Court of Owls" story. Scott and I talked about it, but neither of us really thought an ongoing "Talon" series was something that could work. And we moved past it — but the idea of a "Talon" series kept bouncing around in the back of my head.


Over the course of a few weeks, the idea for the series coalesced and I started putting together the first draft of the pitch. Mind you, at this point my first backup story was still months away, and I was still convinced that at any moment they were going to realize that I was a kid who had no idea what he was doing and kick me out of Gotham City. But for years, my comic-reading friends and I have always killed time talking about: "How would you do a series about X" or "How would you fix Y?" I was approaching "Talon" with the same kind of mindset. How could you build a series out of this new piece of DC mythology without damaging the epic story that Scott has been telling in "Batman" for a year? How do you create a figure that has enough depth and story potential that you can see it going not only until issue #12, but issue #75? I really felt like I was finding the answers, and I sent what I was thinking over to Scott. Thankfully, he loved it. He helped me shape it and improve it, and together we sent the concept over to ["Batman" group editor] Mike Marts to see what he thought.


There were a few more rounds of refinement, and some brilliant ideas from Scott and the editorial team that helped shape it into something truly awesome, but a month or so later I got the final call. "Talon" was coming to life. And after all those weeks and months of thinking and talking it through, it was time to actually start writing. I'm working on the second issue right now.


CBR: By kicking things off with a #0 issue, you get to essentially do a prequel before the series actually starts. Will the #0 issue be set years prior to the events of "Talon" #1 or do we pick things up right after the conclusion of the title's "zero issue?"

James Tynion IV: The zero issue takes place roughly five years ago, and sets the groundwork of the relationship between our dashing protagonist, Calvin Rose, and The Court of Owls. We'll learn his story and get a strong sense of where he's been before the story proper begins in the first issue. "Talon" #1 will put Calvin on a mission that will put all of his talents to the test. He's spent his entire life escaping from certain death, but he never thought actual freedom was in his grasp. "Talon" #1 puts it in his reach, and he's going to do whatever it takes to get there. It's going to be a fast-paced/action thriller kind of book. "Talon" #0 sets the tone and introduces the character. "Talon" #1 sets the story in motion. I think it works out pretty nicely.


CBR: At this point, what can you share with us about the secret origin of Calvin Rose?


James Tynion IV: Calvin Rose is the only Talon in the history of the Court of Owls to turn his back on the organization and run. He's a tremendous liability for them — an organization that has operated in secret for so long can't afford any rogue members. When we meet him for the first time in "Talon" #0, we're going to see a man who has been running for years, and who needs to keep running as long as he lives if he wants to stay alive. Thankfully for him, getting out of sticky situations is pretty much his expertise. Like all of the Talons, Rose was a member of Haly's Circus during his childhood, and his training there will be as important as his training with the court.


For the entire interview, including more of the history of Rose, head over to Comic Book Resources. Talon #0 hits stores this September.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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