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UD Replicas Reveal TDKR Suit

UD Replicas has revealed their newest motorcycle suit based off of The Dark Knight Rises.


UD Replicas The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit


UD Replicas is proud to present its latest BATMAN™ Movie Replica Leather Outerwear from the upcoming summer release THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™.


In this highly anticipated sequel to Batman Begins™ (2005) and The Dark Knight™ (2008), this Officially Licensed Movie Replica Leather Motorcycle Suit features details and designs from the BATMAN™ costume as it appears in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ .


Exquisitely rendered in leather by the UD Replicas’ team, this Movie Replica garment also features Kevlar inserts and adjustable sections setting a new standard in leather garment manufacturing. Make no mistake, this is not a costume. While paying tribute to all the on-screen design elements, our suit is engineered for the serious motorcycle rider, offering a level of protection and flare the Dark Knight himself would approve of.


UD Replicas’ designers have raised the bar on what can be accomplished working with form-molded leather and functional Kevlar details. Each rounded segment, every chiseled and beveled edge perfectly replicates the look of the on-screen armor…while being fully functional and everyday wearable riding gear.


Available as a full suit combination or individual Jacket, Pant, Glove, Boot and Utility Pouch options.


Get ready to ride……………… THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ is upon us!




-Strong edge seaming for all visible and hidden stitch work.
-Form molded hard and soft shell visible Kevlar details.
-Form Molded Leather detailing like never before.
-Jacket Sleeves feature Adjustable Leather Gauntlets.
-Breathable motorcycle grade Mesh Cordura base.
-Anti Skid Kevlar in glove palms.
-Removable CE Approved Body Armor in forearms/elbow, shoulder and back spine protector.
-Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining.
-Made from Grade A Cow Hide.
-Quality high-end accessories.


UD Replicas The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit


UD Replicas The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit


UD Replicas The Dark Knight Rises Motorcycle Suit


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Justin

    "Make no mistake this is not a costume"
    Despite the fact that it was designed not just for motorcycle riders but also for someone to dress up in since all it needs is a cape and a decent mask.

  • craig

    Is the replica up for sale?



    • It was up for sale, but it may be at this point out of stock.