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Um, seriously Hal, are you for real?


Your friendly neighborhood comic book shop recently distributed DC's "The New 52" and inside it was a sneak preview to Justice League #1 that goes on sale 8/31/2011. There are several panels that show an exciting roof top chase with Batman in hot pursuit of the villain. The sneak preview culminates with a full page splash (pictured above) of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, intervening with the chase and asking incredulously, "You're real?"


Wow, seriously Hal? You're surprised to see Batman is for real when you became Green Lantern by coming across a crashed alien spaceship wherein a dying alien bequeathed a ring upon you. The ring is powered by your sheer willpower and makes you part of a vast police force that patrols the Universe and is run by arrogant little blue men and you're wondering if Batman is for real???


Come on now!


Ok, maybe this panel is taken out of context. We don't get the full story so maybe there is more to it. Either that or DC has decide Hal isn't the sharpest pencil in the box. In the above panel Batman reacts by saying, "And you're too damned bright." If Hal Jordan is that slow on the uptake maybe Batman should have said, "And you're not too damned bright!"


Posted by Dave Healy

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