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Editorial: DC Comics Villain Month Cover Price

DC Comics Villains Month


In anticipation for the upcoming Villain Month in September I took it upon myself to order all of the issues I wanted from my local comic store, but as I was listing title after title after title, with my heart sinking and grasp on my wallet growing tighter with each word, I was offered an interesting piece of information.


Now this may not be news to all of you but it certainly was to me. By now you must be aware of the "innovative motion covers" that DC are so quick to remind us of, but did you know that not every comic will be released with this cover? The gimmick, that DC have been shoving in our faces for a couple of months now, does not extend to every print. The reason I found this out is my local comic store is being shorted all motion covers and only regular covers are being shipped to them.


Now this may sound like a complaint, and admittedly I was coming around to the idea and thought a few of the covers did look (for lack of a better word) "cool", but if you listened to the TBU After-Cast based on the subject, you'll remember that I was bitter about the gimmick and the price increase that came with it. So after hearing this information the first thing I asked was, "will the standard cover editions be cheaper?" and I am happy to announce that, yes, they are going to be cheaper. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much by but I would take an educated guess at $1 and if that is the case, I will be spending considerably less than I thought.


So whilst it would have been nice to own a few motion covers, it is more than made up for by the difference in price. So maybe, if you were debating which issues to get with your budget, you could settle for a standard cover and get a couple more of the books that you want to read, rather than literally pay more for the cover price.


Posted by Joe Jinks

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