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Fawkes Talks About Riddler’s Forthcoming Villains Month Issue

Ray Fawkes recently talked about The Riddler issue of the forthcoming Villain's Month. He also talks about Riddler in Scott Snyder's Zero Year story, the premise for his Riddler story, what it's like working with Scott Snyder, and a bunch of other things.


Batman #23.2: The RiddlerNewsarama: Ray, now that we've seen the Zero Year version of The Riddler, how would you describe the character overall? He feels a little more diabolical and even colder and than most of the past versions of The Riddler, particularly in this week's Batman issue.


Ray Fawkes: The Riddler is a genius with one terrible flaw: he thinks that his brand of genius is the only kind there is – and the only kind that could ever be worthwhile. So when he encounters people who can't compete in his area of expertise, he thinks of them as contemptible obstacles and wastes of oxygen. The version of him that Scott and I are putting forward seems colder, yeah, and that has a lot to do with how he dehumanizes people who don't operate on his wavelength.


Newsarama: He also comes across as eerily self-confident. What drives that part of him?


Ray Fawkes: Well, he believes he's the smartest man in the world. Right or wrong, it does put a little pep in his strut.


Newsarama: At what point does the spotlight issue in September take place? Is it before, during, or after the timeframe we've seen so far in Zero Year?


Ray Fawkes: It's in the present. Years have passed since The Riddler earned his terrible reputation in the events of Zero Year, and he did a bit of a stint in Arkham Asylum between then and now. We get to see the Riddler getting a little nostalgic in his issue here, and doing some of the terrible things the world expects of him. But why? What's he hoping to accomplish? You'll see.


Newsarama: Can you give us the general premise for the issue? What drives the story?


Ray Fawkes: Freshly escaped from Arkham Asylum, the Riddler decides to "play a game" with Wayne Industries and its employees. There Will Be Blood, as they say.


To read the entire interview click here! The Riddler issue for DC's Villains month will be written by Ray Fawkes & Scott Snyder and will come out on September 11, 2013.


Posted by Dane Haji

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