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Graham Nolan on Returning to Bane For Villain’s Month

Graham Nolan recently talked with Newsarma about his return to drawing Bane for DC's Villain's Month starting this September. He describes what it's like for him to be back drawing the character he created, what the story is about, what it's like to work with Peter Tomasi, what he thought about The Dark Knight Rises, and other things.


Batman #23.4Newsarama: Graham, first off – how does it feel to be back on Bane? How long has it been since you've done a story with the character?


Graham Nolan: Great! I did an origin sequence in the Countdown to 52 a couple years ago. Before that I think the Bane of the Demon series was my last encounter with Bane.


Newsarama: Tell us a little about the storyline for the book.


Graham Nolan: We bring the readers up to date on Bane's background in the New 52 as he heads from Santa Prisca to begin a war in Gotham.


Newsarama: How did this project come about?


Graham Nolan: No idea. I got an email from Mike Marts asking if I would be interested in working on a Bane book.


Newsarama: Did it take you any time to consider whether you wanted to do this book after Mike contacted you, or was this something where you couldn't wait to get back to the character?


Graham Nolan: I've been looking for a project to do with DC, and that it's a Bane project that came about was a win-win. It didn't take too long to say yes, once I could work it into my schedule. It's not really a question of "getting back to the character." When you are involved in his creation, you never really leave him.


Head over to Newsarama for interview.


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